Heritage Flowers is the product of the passion and love of Lauren Miller.

After many years of dreaming and planning with her husband, Heritage Flowers launched in the fall of 2015. From a young age, Lauren has been drawn to nature and design. Her earliest memories are of running through her Grandma’s garden making bouquets.

She loves crafting beauty and seeing the color and movement God placed in nature. Combined with the way they can make a person smile and change a day for the better, flowers are a natural outlet for Lauren.

Lauren loves designing for many different types of events. Her style has been described as classic meets garden-style, layered, natural and organic.

Think “Jane Austen meets the French Countryside,” and you’re about there.

Flowers have a magical quality,

and Lauren infuses love into every arrangement with the hope that the recipient experiences a piece of that magic and love.

designed with love to make life lovely